Dieter Gölsdorf

Guitar design & writing
Fight the strings!
Throwbacks, setbacks, successes and more!

All about me, Dieter "Atze" Rockinger, from 1964 to 1990: The first guitar kits, Duesenberg Metal, the Tru Tune Tremolo with Eddie van Halen, Alvin Lee, Carl Carlton, Michi Zülsdorff, Harald Kadagies, his designs and comics, Formentera Guitars, Fargo-Peter, the world's first Mint-Green pickguard material, even more tremolos, Rockinger USA, many old catalogs and press publications, wood and lacquer, Staccato basses, and also something about my various bands. If you like to see much more about me.

And: I am always curious and always impatient until today! Besides that I can sometimes show manic and even caustic traits. But don't worry! I always want only the best!

And do not forget:
What you don't want done to you, don't do to others!

Oh yes, if you want to see my whole story from 1964 until today, just go to my very personal website: